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The Artist

Mike Wells has a lifetime of experience working with metal. After receiving a degree in Industrial Arts from North Texas State University in 1964, Viet Nam called. This began a career of flying helicopters for the military and later a small independent oil company. Metal work remained a sideline until January 2000 when he began "The Wells Company" on a full time basis. Mike has directed his time and talents toward creating custom, one of a kind, pieces.

You will note in the Gallery a wide range of metal work. Mike has the ability to turn an idea into reality through his experience working with various metals, Cad drawing and fabrication equipment. The majority of items created explore the natural beauty of the metal by utilizing heat, chemical patina or simply the polished metal. Painting has been limited to items such as wrought iron fencing.

The wide range of fabrication equipment available enable work to be done with steel, copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel or a mix of wood and metal. All items are completely hand crafted. Fabrication equipment include mig, tig and stick welders, plasma arc, metal rolls and an array of hand tools.

We invite you to take a look around the gallery and see what he has created.