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Texas Jalapeno


 The Wells Company


Mineral Wells, Texas

How to use your grill:

Wash the grill with soap and water before first use. Your new steel grill should be “seasoned” by applying a light coating of cooking oil. Bake the grill for a few minutes at 350 degrees, wipe dry with a paper towel, and it is ready for use.  Treat as you would your favorite cast iron skillet to avoid rusting.

Select large fresh jalapeno peppers. Wear rubber gloves to avoid skin irritation while handling peppers.  Cut off the top of the pepper, remove all seeds and membrane, rinse with water and drain. This will eliminate most of the “heat” from the chili. Salt the inside of each pepper and stuff with the mixture of your choice. Cut a bacon slice into 3 short sections and fold one section over the top of each pepper. Secure the bacon with a toothpick inserted completely through the pepper. Load the grill with your peppers.

Place the grill over a baking sheet or piece of heavy duty aluminum foil to catch any cheese or drippings. Bake at 350 degrees or until the bacon is done. Approximately 45 minutes.  May also be cooked over a charcoal grill but works much better in the oven.

Basic Recipe:

Salt the inside of each pepper.

Stuff each pepper with softened cream cheese.

Top with third section of bacon.

Bake until done.


(1) Add to cream cheese base: cheddar cheese, crab, clams, ham, sausage or seasonings. (my favorite is 2/3 cream cheese, 1/3 cheddar blended with crab meat and topped with the bacon slice). (2) Blend cream cheese with raspberry chipotle sauce and use with or without the bacon. 


(1) Always insert a toothpick through the pepper. This will keep smaller cooked peppers from falling  through the grill. (2) A potato peeler is a great tool for removing the seeds and membrane.